Food Products

Rhodes Food Group is a leading producer of canned fruit, canned citrus fruit and canned pineapples in South Africa. Boasting one of the largest production capabilities in the country, we are well known for our emphasis on providing only the best quality products.
Rhodes Food Group is a leading producer of quality jams, made from fruit that is picked and processed as close as possible to the facilities. We are one of the largest jam producers in South African and known for our choice-grade jams and marmalades.
Rhodes Food Group’s quality of canned vegetables and tomato products is well known in the local South African market. Trusted by retailers and consumers as a reputable brand known for its quality products.
The quality of the Rhodes Food Group’s dairy products stems from the care taken of our award-winning herd of Ayrshire cows that supply roughly 40,000 litres of milk and cream to our cheese production plant as well as to one of South African’s leading retailers.
Rhodes Food Group produces more than 300 000 ready meals for leading South African retailer, Woolworths, as well as other clients in the food service industry.
Rhodes Food Group is a leading producer of fresh and frozen, baked and unbaked pies, pasties and sausage rolls. All of our products are certified Halaal.