Our growing portfolio of strong and resilient brands includes Rhodes, Bull Brand, Magpie and Squish. These labels occupy the number 1 or significant number 2 positions in most targeted product categories and have experienced strong market share growth in recent years.

The Rhodes brand is South Africa’s market leader in canned pineapple, tomato paste and jam in glass jars, supported by strong second positions in canned fruit, canned jams, canned vegetables and canned tomatoes. While Bull Brand is the iconic market leader in corned meat. Our well-known brands are complemented by private label product ranges that we pack for major South African and international retailers.




Rhodes is a contemporary and innovative brand that aims to delight consumers by always offering more: Be it quality ingredients, innovative packaging or quick and easy recipes.

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Bull Brand

Bull Brand is a brand leader that enjoys an iconic status in South Africa. In order to retain its number one market position and brand loyalty, Bull Brand consistently delivers on taste and quality.

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Magpie is a growing brand that appeals to those who appreciate quality and a product that is generously filled with taste. It’s a pie that leaves the tummy feeling full and the consumer satisfied.

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Rhodes Squish is a range of 100% fruit and vegetable puree that is packed in convenient re-sealable pouches. Developed for babies from 6 months and older, all of the products are preservative free, colourant free, flavouring free and contain no added starch – making Rhodes Squish a great choice for parents.

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Spekenam is a value brand that enjoyed strong recognition in the Western and Eastern Cape provinces. It embraces traditional values and is known as the “pork-free” Vienna experts.

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Wild Fruit Juice

Wilde pressed and squeezed fruit juice is a premium product. Made from the pulp of top quality fruit, the consumer can enjoy a refreshing taste just as nature intended. The Wilde range is not made from concentrate, contains no added sugar or preservatives.

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Hazeldene is a well-established value brand that offers consistent taste and quality. Its price point positions Hazeldene as an every day treat for its target market.

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Apex delivers a good quality to value ratio. Its range of 100% Halaal corned meat products is an affordable meat replacement, delivering protein for the whole family.

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Saint Pie

Saint Pie fold-over pies are everyday pies that offer taste, quality and convenience to those on the move. They are a dependable choice for holidaymakers or those whose jobs see them eating in transit, on the road.

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Zing is a quality nectar juice brand that caters to the value market, enabling families to enjoy a great sun-filled fruity taste.

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Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls is a premium range that is crafted with the discerning consumer’s health and well-being in mind. Each variant is crammed full of natural fruit and veg and packed with a range of nutritional benefits.

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Trout Hall

Trout Hall is a premium brand sold in the United Kingdom. It is known for its refreshing and delicious citrus fruit products, which are enjoyed by discerning individuals who appreciate traditional quality with the delights of modern convenience.

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