Rhodes Food Group

Rhodes Food Group is a fast growing, internationally recognised food production and processing company that has been providing local and international markets with fresh quality products and premium brands at competitive pricing for over a century now.

Our absolute dedication to providing world-class quality and service has seen the Group grow rapidly from its humble beginnings into the vibrant and diversified food business it is today. The focus on ‘soil to shelf’ quality control has earned the loyalty of both consumers and retailers both in South Africa and abroad.

Providing Premium Food Products

Based in the Franschhoek Valley of South Africa, Rhodes Food Group runs several highly successful agricultural concerns and processing operations around the country. This focus on controlling quality levels from ‘soil to shelf’ has encouraged the growth of both divisions in the company: Rhodes Food which manufactures, markets and sells canned fruit and canned vegetables as well as their by-products such as jam and puree and the Fresh Foods division which includes ready meals, pasta, pies and a range of dairy products.

Leading the Way with Quality Food Brands

Find out more about Rhodes Food Group: Our history, our vision for the company and our role in transforming South African business. Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have and we will gladly assist you.